The three-time WWE world champion who tragically passed away at the age of 36. Discover his impact on the wrestling world and the heartfelt tributes from fellow wrestlers and fans. 

A Wrestling Legend 

Despite his undisclosed health issue, his death was unexpected, leaving his family, friends, and fans grieving the loss of a beloved figure. 

Sudden Loss Shakes the Wrestling Community 

Bray Wyatt was known for his captivating character, "The Fiend," and his leadership of The Wyatt Family, a cult-like faction in WWE.  

The Fiend and The Wyatt Family 

Beyond the ring, Bray Wyatt shared his struggles with mental health and personal challenges. 

Bray Wyatt's Personal Battles 

As the wrestling community mourns his passing, let's remember his achievements, character, and the indelible mark he left on WWE. 

Honoring Bray Wyatt's Legacy