The X-15: Pioneering Hypersonic Flight 

A historic rocket-powered aircraft that pushed the boundaries, reaching Mach 6 and altitudes of 250,000 feet in the 1960s. 

X-15's Legacy in Hypersonics 

While focusing on hypersonic weaponry, don't overlook the X-15's role in shaping hypersonic flight. It set a world record of 4,520 mph, contributing to today's breakthroughs. 

Unlocking Hypersonic Challenges 

Early X-15 experiments gathered critical data, aiding advancements in thermal management, aerodynamics, and materials, crucial for stable hypersonic flight. 

Hypersonic Flight's Future 

The X-15's impact endures in modern hypersonic endeavors, influencing technology to navigate airflow dynamics and material choices for stable, high-speed flight.