Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

Furina is a fairly complex and flexible character which makes it so you know it’s going to take quite a while to get through all the content in this article but I will be talking about her kit her artifacts stat recommendations some texts some little bonus advantages that she provides as well as her weapons and of course her constellations and teams as well.

What is Furina is all about?

Furina is all about providing great off field Hydro damage via her little Salon troop and she also buffs the team a lot and provides the team with a lot of bonus damage so teams that absolutely appreciate having the bonus damge multiplier enhanced they are going to really appreciate Furina but really quick.

Furina’s Complicated Kit

Furina’s basic attacks are pretty standard. They’re just the sword standard attacks with in her case she has a four hit combo that hits four times. Only really unique thing about it is that her basic attacks actually do either Numa or Usher damage with this very tiny 13.8% multiplier but it does count as Hydro damage however it does not apply Hydro.

As for her charge attacks, her charge attacks she does this cool flashy animation and she will switch modes between her Numa and Usher variants. She actually switches clothes as well with the darker clothes being Numa mode where she summons three little animals and these three little animals will attack her enemies and once she switches over to her Numa alignment which is the lighter clothes then she summons the singer of many waters who heals the on field character.

Elemental skill

Her Elemental skill summons the salon solitaire which consists of three separate Hydro animals. We have an octopus, we have a seahorse and we have a crab.

  • The seahorse is basically a single Target damaging thing.
  • The octopus does a little bit an AOE.
  • The crab has the biggest AOE but also attacks the slowest

Really unique and important thing about these three minions is that when they hit an enemy all character on your team will have their HP drained by a little bit and she will keep on draining your characters HP until they are under 50% HP. If they are under 50% HP then they will actually stop draining her teammate. Depending on how many characters have over 50% HP for every character that has over 50% HP including Furina on your team. Her Salon solitaire animals will each do 10% more damage for every character that currently has over 50% HP on her party.

Furina Kit - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

So it’s important for Furina to basically keep her health as well as her team’s health above 50% HP in order to get this nice juicy 1.4x multiplier. Keep in mind that this is its own unique multiplier similar to Yoimiya’s Elemental skill.

I wanted to go through each of her animal in more details so that we can have an even more holistic understanding of her kit.

After a bunch of frame counting for a full 30sec cycle basically each of the animals will attack with their own individual attack speed.

Superintendante Furina - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

The seahorse which is surintendante chevalmarin is basically a single Target attacker and also attacks the fastest with an attack cool down of roughly 1.65 seconds. It actually has highest overall single Target DPS and interestingly it also applies Hydro every other shot.

Usher Furina - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

The next animal on this list is actually the octopus. The octopus attacks about half as fast as the seahorse which is about every 3.36 sec. The octopus is interesting because it also has a one out of every other shot ICD which actually makes it apply Hydro much less often than the seahorse.

Crabalatta - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

Finally we have the crab, the crab deals the biggest individual damage number and what’s really great about the crab as well is that it deals some AOE damage and it also applies Hydro every single time that it attacks.

Full skill Furina - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

For example in total for the full skill including all three animals attacking so including that initial Bubble Hit we can see that for the first 10 seconds she applies Hydro a lot of times eight entire Hydro applications. We can see that she’s drained about 22.4% of your entire team’s health.

One more detail about her Elemental skill is that it generates one particle every 3 seconds. So over a 30sec rotation generally speaking you will gain about 9 to 10 hydro particles from her Elemental Skill.

As far her healing mode, this thing’s just pretty straightforward basically it just heal the on field target for this amount of Health. Unfortunately it deals no damage. It doesn’t apply Hydro. Pretty much all it does is heal the current party member.

Elemental Burst

Furina’s elemental burst is a bit complicated. Your entire team will go into a Universal Revelry State. During this time when nearby party member HP increases or decreases 1 Fanfare point will be granted to Furina for each percentage point of their Max Hp by which their HP changes.

So why is Fanfare is important because for each point of fanfare you will gain 25% increase to the bonus damage multiplier for your entire team at Talent level 10.

Furina Fanfare buff - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

I have a chart that shows you how much bonus damage you get from zero Fanfare to 400 Fanfare at Constellation zero which the maximum amount of Fanfare is 300. You will gain 75% bonus damage which is absolutely huge. However do keep in mind that in order for you to gain 300 Fanfare that means each party member on your team needs to have their HP fluctuate by 75%

75%*4= 300 maximum Fanfare which equals 75% bonus damage and this ties back into her Elemental skill which as we describe earlier the three animals when they attack actually decrease your entire party’s HP thus generating a lot of Fanfare for that bonus damage you also get some healing bonus as well for your Fanfare points at 300 Fanfare you will get about 30% healing bonus.

Now how can tell how much Fanfare you have? There are visual indicator that are demonstrated by sea animals popping up during her Elemental burst.

Furina Fanfare Animation - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

It is 75 Fanfare 150 Fanfare 225 Fanfare for each of these animations also this indicates 25% max Fanfare 50% max Fanfare 75% max Fanfare accordingly.

Finally there is a whoosh animation which honestly pretty hard to see when you hit 300 Fanfare.

Talent Priority

As for her talent priority you definitely want to level both her Elemental skill and Elemental burst equally and you can ignore her basic attacks.

Let’s quickly talk about her passives, her passive one basically when you over heal the on field character all the other characters in Furina’s party will heal for 2% their Max HP once every 2 seconds for the next 4 seconds there for healing for an additional 4%. However it’s important to note that this healing source must come from someone else besides Furina.
Now her second passive is important one and for every 1000 point of Max HP Salon solitaire will gain bonus damage 7% for every 1000 up to a maximum of 28%. So at 40000 HP you will gain 28 % bonus damage to her Elemental skill.

Finally we also have this little bit which basically makes her heal a little bit faster based on her Max HP.

Minor Furina Tech and Tricks

The first one probably being the most practical that you can use regularly is you can Dash cancel her E to move little bit faster. So if we press E you see we can Dash cancel to pretty much remove the animation of her doing her snazzy snap as well as her pose in order to animation cancel it by a little bit.

Tips and Tricks

Furina’s Elemental Skill can be used to interrupt enemy attacks.
Furina’s Elemental Burst can be used to apply Hydro to enemies even if they are shielded.
Furina’s Fanfare Stacks can be accumulated by damaging enemies with her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.
Furina can use her Elemental Skill to apply Hydro to herself, which can be useful for triggering Elemental Reactions.
Furina’s Elemental Burst can be used to create a Hydro field that can be used to trigger Elemental Reactions with other characters.

You swap her on and then you do her E and then her Elemental burst if you dash cancel you will save roughly 15-20 frames so you know we’re talking about saving a quarter to a third of a second right. It’s not going to be like huge amounts of time save but still a micro optimization that is worth keeping in mind.

Now another tech is pretty interesting is you can use her Elemental skill and after 20 sec have passed assuming that your animals have been attacking the same Target the entire time you can use her Elemental skill again right after the crab attacks which occurs at roughly 23sec after you initially cast your Elemental skill. So you wait for about three additional seconds after her skill has come off cooldown and then you will actually refresh your animals attack cooldowns and the crab will attack much faster than it.

Normally the crab takes 5 point whatever seconds in order to attack however right when you summon the crab it actually attack in about 2.5 seconds off the top of my head. So you’re saving a 2.5 sec cooldown on the crab’s attack. You’re not really slowing down the attack speed of the other animals by doing this trick. So very minor optimization but still it is another tech that you can do with her micro optimization.

Finally this last tech is a little bit less useful but perhaps there will be some situation where you’re going to do it but you can actually buffer her charge attack after her N4. We can see there that unlike most sword characters if you try to buffer their attack after the last hit they won’t follow it up with a charge attack. However for Furina with her N4 you can hold down the left Mouse button and she will indeed do her charger attack.

Last little details about her Elemental skill is that she can actually walk on water.

Furina’s Artifacts

Let’s talk about her artifacts. Fortunately at constellation zero it is pretty darn straightforward for Furina when it comes to her artifacts just use the 4 piece Golden Troupe. There’s really not much else to say about it.

Golden Troupe (4-piece)

Increases Elemental Damage Bonus by 20% and All DMG Bonus by 20% for every Elemental Type present in the party.
This is Furina’s best artifact set, as it provides a significant boost to her damage and the damage of her teammates. It is especially effective in teams with multiple Elemental Types.

Only other 4 piece artifact set that’s really worth talking about is the 4 piece Tenacity of the Millelith. Personally I don’t really recommend using this as you sacrificing a lot of Furin’s personal damage and there is a very good chance that Furina is going to be one of the higher damage dealers on your team and 20% attack buff is unlikely going to make a big difference for the other characters in comparison to how much of a difference the 4 piece Golden Troupe does for Furina.

Furina artifacts

But still she does make use of the 20% additional HP and she’s an extremely reliable activator for the tenacity buff. She does not gain anything from the 20% attack that the tenacity buff provide.

Now 2 piece combinations are going to fall quite short of the Golden Troupe but they are okay and usable in time being if you’re farming for the Golden Troupe and you have some decent 2 piece combination you can definitely use those. But eventually you will want to switch over to 4 piece Golden Troupe.

Energy recharge is tricky because it’s always a moving target depending on a team as well as the enemies that you fight as well as do you have Favonius weapons on your team etc.

If Furina is your only Hydro character and you probably have one other character that’s running the Favonius weapon on your team roughly 220% energy recharge should be good and you should be able to comfortably fill her up most rotations.

Now let’s you have one other Hydro on the team then 160-180% energy recharge will be a good amount for having another Hydro character on her team.

Finally if you have a constellation 4 or you have triple Hydro on the same team then you should be able to get away with around 120% or even less.

Main Stats

Sands of Eon: HP% or Energy Recharge%
Goblet of Eonothem: Hydro DMG Bonus or HP%
Circlet of Logos: HP% or Crit Rate/Crit DMG

Now let’s talk about her main stat for her artifacts. For the time piece you want to go with an HP% time piece unless you need the energy recharge to have her Elemental burst have really good uptime then energy recharge time piece is worth considering.

For the goblets HP% and Hydro damage are both good and I actually just slightly recommend the hydro goblet for most players. But either way an HP% goblet or a Hydro damage goblet are both extremely viable on her and I would just use whichever one is better in terms of their sub stat roles.


Energy Recharge%
Crit Rate
Crit DMG

Speaking of sub stat you just generally want the usual stuff crit rate crit damage HP% and enough Energy recharge for whatever team that you’re playing her with and for stat balance you always want the one to two crit rate to crit damage ratio and speaking of circlet should be a crit circlet.

Furina’s Weapons

There’s going to be three primary types of Furina players overall. They’re going to be the rich players that have her signature weapon then we’re going to have the Genshin Boomers who have the Festering Desire and finally we have the fish to play players who will probably use the Fleuve Cendre Ferryman.


Fleuve Cendre Ferryman: Increases HP by 24% and Elemental DMG Bonus by 32% when using an Elemental Skill.
Primordial Jade Cutter: Increases HP by 20% and ATK by 20%.
Mistsplitter Reforged: Increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12%.
Haran Geppaku Futsu: Increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 12%.
Festering Desire: Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 16% and Elemental Burst DMG by 12%.
Wolf’s Fang: Increases ATK by 20%.

Here the chart for her weapon and it’s going to be as pretty much expected.

Furina Weapon - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin

For this chart minimum energy recharge 170%

Furina’s Constellations

  • Constellation 1 is just absolutely good and immediately adds 150 Fanfare when you use her burst and finally it increases her Fanfare from 300 to 400 which turn the maximum Fanfare buff from 75% bonus damage to 100% bonus damage. You only need to generate 250 Fanfare to go from 150 to 400 Fanfare versus the original need to generate 300 Fanfare in order to get the maximum Fanfare buff.
C0 Lvl90 Furina at Talent 10 Stats for constellation - Ultimate Furina Complete Guide Genshin
  • Constellation 2 is even crazier it increases the amount of Fanfare you get by 250% and every Fanfare over the 400 limit Furina will gain additional Max HP. For this chart in calculation only assumed 40% additional HP but we can even see her do even more damage.
  • Constellation 3 increases the amount of Fanfare you get by increasing the talent level of your ultimate.
  • Constellation 4 helps mitigate her energy issues and this means that you can actually run her with probably as low as 120-130% energy recharge.
  • Constellation 5 which increases her Elemental skill by three level.
  • Constellation 6 which there’s lot of stuff going here but basically her normal and charge attacks after she uses her Elemental skill for about 10 sec will deal Hydro damage and they will also gain HP scaling.

Furina’s Teams

Furina Nevillette Team
Furina Nevillette Team
Furina Nevillette HyperBloom Team
Furina Nevillette HyperBloom Team
Furina Water Bender Team
Furina Water Bender Team
Furina Forward Vape Team
Furina Forward Vape
Furina Freeze Team
Furina Freeze Team

Other Team Compositions

Vaporize: Furina + Bennett + Xiangling + Sucrose
Freeze: Furina + Ayaka/Ganyu + Venti + Kazuha/Diona
Quickbloom: Furina + Dendro Traveler + Fischl + Kuki Shinobu

Closing Statements

That was a ton of discussion about complex and flexible character Furina. You can build as your own by modifying it to see the outcome or just follow the ultimate Furina complete guide Genshin to get maximum output from the Hydro archon Furina.

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