Tenant overstays airbnb 540 days demands 100k to leave

In a bizarre and seemingly never-ending Airbnb saga, a woman named Elizabeth Hirschhorn has gained notoriety as the “tenant from hell.” Her extended stay in a Brentwood, California guesthouse has left both the homeowner and Airbnb in a bind.

Elizabeth’s stay stretched to an astonishing 540 days, during which she flat-out refused to pay rent. Her reasoning? She claimed that the guesthouse had code violations and demanded a whopping $100,000 as a relocation fee to vacate the property. The homeowner, a 61-year-old dentist, tried to reason with her. He offered to pay for her temporary residence and promised to address the issues with the property. However, Elizabeth remained unmoved. She cited concerns over Covid-19 health risks and her sensitivity to harsh chemicals as reasons for her refusal to move elsewhere.

As if this weren’t complicated enough, when the homeowner attempted to evict her, Elizabeth put up a strong resistance, and even the city investigator seemed to be on her side. According to the investigator, the homeowner couldn’t initiate eviction proceedings until he could prove that the property was compliant with safety regulations.

To make matters worse for the homeowner, Airbnb distanced itself from the situation, claiming it was a third-party matter due to the excessively extended stay that fell outside the platform’s usual jurisdiction.

In an ironic twist, Elizabeth not only stopped paying rent but also filed a complaint against the homeowner, accusing him of harassment, illegal eviction, and failing to provide the promised relocation fees. As of now, this perplexing situation remains unresolved.

According to the Department of Building and Safety, the Airbnb guesthouse had two code violations: it lacked approval for occupancy, and it had an unpermitted shower. These violations have contributed to the ongoing drama surrounding Elizabeth Hirschhorn’s lengthy and contentious stay.

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