San Francisco music festival squeezed 10 people, driverless taxis stopped, traffic paralyzed

San Francisco 11 Outside Lands Open Air Music and Arts Festival, held from 13 to 2023, is one of the largest music festivals in the country held annually in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It attracts nearly 10,7000 people from all over the country every year. The festival used to bring more than $ million a year to San Francisco, but this year, delays in the public transportation system and San Francisco’s driverless taxis were parked outside the festival grounds, paralyzing the already congested traffic that day.

Delays in the public transportation system, rising ride-hailing prices, traffic congestion and driverless cars halted outside the festival this year have plagued festival attendees and local residents’ journey home.

Zeiss, who lives in Mission District and travels to Golden Gate Park for the festival, said he left the festival site at 10 p.m. on Saturday and intended to go home. Because of the delay of the bus, I waited for a long time and did not come, and then wanted to take an online taxi home, but I didn’t expect to face the usual price ranging from 50 to 150 yuan, and I had to wait for an hour.

At the time, he said, it felt like the transportation system was paralyzed. Unfortunately, two Cruise driverless taxis were parked near 30th Street due to poor system signal connection, making traffic congestion in the area near the festival more complicated. Zeiss said police drove away a driverless car manually.

A Cruise spokesperson confirmed the situation and said that the driverless car was stranded that day because of the delay in the car’s communication due to wireless connection problems. A solution is being actively investigated and developed to prevent this from happening again and apologize to those affected.

Even before the festival began, San Francisco Mayor Bridd called for people to travel green on the day of the festival, riding a bike or bus, saving traffic jams and the hassle of finding a parking space.

The inaugural Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival began in 2008 with more than 60 music artists performing live and approximately 4 to 6 participants in a single day. Outside Lands features food, wine and art, and participants can purchase wine samples in the wine section. There are also separate entertainment areas, including sports and leisure areas, play centers, bar areas, food areas and art exhibition areas.

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