Drake new album “Dogs” out 2023

Drake has released his new album, For All the Dogs. This is his eighth studio album and first solo release since 2022’s “Honestly, Nevermind”. The album was released on October 6, 2023, and features 23 songs.

The album title was announced by Drake himself in June 2023, along with the release of his poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything. The title is a reference to the phrase “for all the dogs” which appears in the text on the Titles Ruin Everything site. According to Drake, the phrase “for all the dogs” represents “the old Drake” and is a nod to his earlier music.

The opening track of Drake’s new album “For All the Dogs” is titled “Virginia Beach”. The song is not a diss track directed at Virginia Beach native Pusha T, as some had predicted. Instead, the song is a collaboration with Frank Ocean and mostly talks about a relationship with a girl, with Drake mentioning Virginia Beach just once in the first verse.

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