Cardi B threw microphone at concertgoers after throws drink at her on stage

Social media videos show Cardi B performing her hit “Bodak Yellow” in Las Vegas when a man holding a large cup is clearly seen throwing a drink at her.

Rapper Cardi B fought back against the man who threw the drink at her during her performance in Las Vegas, the latest in a disturbing trend of concertgoers throwing objects at artists.

The incident occurred during Cardi B’s scheduled performance at Dry’s Beach Club on Saturday. A video posted on social media shows Cardi B performing her hit “Bodak Yellow” while on stage, and suddenly, a man holding a large cup is clearly seen throwing a drink at her, causing the rapper to be splashed with liquid.


Cardi B was initially seen looking surprised, but she quickly retaliated by throwing her microphone.

The video, which contains explicit language, has been viewed over six million times on TikTok.

Cardi B is the latest artist to have her performance disrupted by either physical assault or objects being thrown at her on stage. Last month, Bebe Rexha shared a photo of her swollen eye after being hit by a thrown object during a performance at Pier 17 in Manhattan. A man named Nicholas Malvagna has been charged in the incident, and it is alleged that he told a witness that he thought it would be “funny” to hit Rexha with candy.

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