Biden’s Diplomatic visit to Israel amid Escalating Gaza Conflict

In an upcoming global visit to Israel, President Joe Biden is set to embark on a significant journey, alongside affirmations from the US in support of Israel and a clear stance against Hamas, the militant group challenging Gaza’s sovereignty. These statements were articulated by the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday.

Following a prolonged session with Israel’s war council on Tuesday, lasting over seven hours, Blinken confirmed this upcoming trip. Furthermore, Biden’s itinerary includes visits to six Arab nations following his return from Israel. The potential for a possible tripartite operation by Israel across air, sea, and land routes in Gaza has stirred significant unrest throughout the Middle East, prompting cautionary messages from the Arab nations. Blinken engaged in discussions with the leaders of these Arab nations to address the situation.

The specifics of the discussions are yet to be revealed to the media, keeping the US Secretary of State’s plans shrouded in mystery.

Regarding Biden’s visit, Blinken also emphasized exploring strategies to minimize damage and casualties in Israel’s territorial campaign in Gaza, hoping to hear the Netanyahu administration’s proposed plans. Simultaneously, he aims to strategize with relevant stakeholders on how to provide aid to besieged Palestinian factions, sidelining Hamas.

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